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Our Team

Emma Brussell

The inspiration behind Emma's Journey.  Emma continues to paint and contribute her talents to help raise money to help fellow

Type 1 Diabetics with the purchase of a Diabetic Alert Dog.


Event Coordinator

Barbara Becker

A little about me: I am a lifelong Daler, married and raising three boys (15, 8 and 5). The boys keep us busy with lacrosse, football and soon ... hockey! I am an educator at heart, although I left the classroom about five years ago to start my career in educational leadership. Recently, I left a position in the city to work much closer to home ... and so my journey began ...

How I found my role in Emma's Journey - Emma's mom, Kelly, and I have been friends since elementary school. We have lost touch a few times but the friendship was always there! Through the power of social media we have watched each others children grow. We ran into one another, here and there, in town and we always found time to catch up. When Kelly began posting about Emma's idea to start this charitable organization, I knew I had to volunteer. I have experience in event planning and fundraising, as I worked for a large not-for-profit agency many moons ago, and I knew I could support this great cause in that way! As mother, an educator, and a Daler - I am proud to lend my "extra time" to support Emma in reaching her goal to help other Type 1's! This is just the start!!

Do you have an idea for a fundraising event?

Do you have contacts that could help us with an event?

Are you interested in volunteering your time?

CONTACT US and tell us how you would like to be a part of Emma's Journey

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