Who we are



To assist individuals affected by Type 1 Diabetes obtain a Diabetic Alert Dog by helping to provide the resources and financial assistance necessary.


When Santa couldn't bring the Diabetic Alert Dog our 8 year old daughter Emma wanted, she took matters into her own hands, selling paintings and raising money on her own.  

Her determination attracted a great deal of attention and when Newsday published a story about her efforts in the Sunday paper, her Christmas wish came true.

Emma was inspired and asked if she could keep selling paintings and surprise another child with a Diabetic Alert Dog. 

And so Emma's Journey was to become something wonderful, a way for our family to give back and help others who's lives can be improved with the addition of a Diabetic Alert Dog.

A Grant from Emma's Journey

We are currently accepting applications for our

2019 GRANT through 3/31/2019. 

Our Award Recipient Will be Announced on 4/27/2019

Our 2019 Grant will be in the amount of $7,500 or 50% of the cost of your DAD, whichever is less.

Monies awarded will only be sent directly to an established organization, of your choosing, specializing in the training of Diabetic Alert Dogs