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Apply for A Grant

At Emma’s Journey OUR MISSION is to assist individuals affected by Type 1 Diabetes obtain a Diabetic Alert Dog by helping to provide the resources and financial assistance necessary.


We believe that every Type 1 Diabetic should have access to a Diabetic Alert Dog and we hope to help one grant at a time. 


Diabetic Alert Dogs require a great deal of training to be able to do their job, to alert their handler to highs and lows.  This training does not stop however once you receive your dog.  A Diabetic Alert Dog (DAD) is a lifelong commitment, that requires constant re-enforcement and care to ensure that the DAD will continue to perform his/her job. 


At Emma’s Journey our volunteers devote a great deal of time and resources to raise money to help others obtain that DAD they deserve.  We want to be sure that whomever our grant recipient is, is ready for the lifelong commitment of caring for and working with their DAD.  Our application asks a series of questions that will help our committee to select our grant recipient. 


Our Grant will be in the amount of $7,500 or 50% of the cost of the DAD, whichever is less.  The money will only be sent directly to an established organization specializing in the training of Diabetic Alert Dogs. 


In the event that there is a change in circumstances and you will no longer be obtaining a Diabetic Alert Dog, all monies must be returned to Emma’s Journey, Inc.


Please feel free to add additional pages if you need more room to write. 


We also ask that you please provide 2 letters from persons outside of your immediate family telling us why you would benefit from having a DAD. This can be anyone from a neighbor, to a school nurse or a coworker. 


Once completed, please email your application along with your recommendation letters to us at, please enter 2020 GRANT APPLICATION in the subject.

We are currently accepting applications for our

2020 GRANT through 6/20/2020. 

Our Award Recipient Will be Announced early summer

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